This legal warranty notice informs you about your rights under the legal warranty. For a comprehensive understanding of your rights, please refer to the laws of your country, province, or state.



The Products are warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects during the Warranty Period when used normally and in accordance with the corresponding Product user manual.

The duration and terms of the legal warranties are governed by local laws. If you have purchased the Product directly from ELEGRP, please visit ELEGRP's official website at https://store.elegrp.com/pages/elegrp-warranty for detailed information on consumer warranty benefits.

The Product does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation. Damages resulting from non-compliance with Product usage instructions are not covered.


Warranty Period

 Warranty Support Document

All 1 YearPurchase Order No. /Invoice/SN



In case of a hardware defect within the Warranty Period, the Product will be either (1) repaired, (2) replaced, or (3)refunded, as per your rights under applicable local laws.


If you have purchased the Product from Elegrp, to avail warranty service, you are required to deliver the Product, in its original packaging or a packaging of equivalent protection, to the address provided by Elegrp. Subject to applicable laws, Elegrp may request proof of purchase and/or adherence to registration requirements before providing warranty service. If you have not purchased directly from Elegrp, please contact the seller or Elegrp's local support for further information.


In any case, your rights under the legal warranty apply only to the Product manufactured by or for Elegrp and identifiable by the trademarks, trade name or "Elegrp" logo.

Unless otherwise applicable under local laws, the legal warranty does not apply to any (a) Damage due to acts of nature or God, for example, lightning strikes, tornadoes, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes; (b) Negligence; (c) Commercial use; (d) Alterations or modifications to any part of the Product; (e) Damage caused by use with non-Elegrp Products; (f) Damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse; (g) Damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses described by Elegrp or with improper voltage or power supply; or (h) Damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Elegrp.

No Elegrp reseller, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this legal warranty. If any term is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the legality or enforce-ability of the remaining terms shall not be affected or impaired.

Except as prohibited by laws, the after-sales services shall be limited to the country or region of the original purchase.

To the extent permitted by local laws, the legal warranty does not cover Products that were not properly imported, manufactured, or acquired from Elegrp or an official Elegrp seller. In such cases, according to applicable law, you may be eligible for warranties provided by the non-official retailer from whom you purchased the Product. Therefore, Elegrp encourages you to reach out to the seller you bought the Product from.


Unless prohibited by applicable law, Elegrp is not liable for any damages arising from accidents, indirect, special, or consequential damages. These include, but are not limited to, loss of profits, revenue, or data, damages resulting from breach of express or implied warranty or condition, or any other legal theory, even if Elegrp has been notified of the possibility of such damages. Please note that in certain jurisdictions, the exclusion or limitation of special, indirect, or consequential damages may not be applicable, and your rights may vary accordingly.


If you have directly purchased the Product from Elegrp, please refer to the website:https:/store.elegrp.com/pages/elegrp-warranty for detailed information on warranty. The contact person for after-sales service can be any individual from Elegrp's authorized service network, authorized distributors, or the seller who sold the Products to you.